We are delighted to share with you pictures of the house, the inside facilities and the outside areas. If you are thinking about staying with us you can visit the house to look around in person.

Email your request to allisoncargillhouse@gmail.com to organise an appointment.

We’ve stayed at ACH twice & both times have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The online booking process is very easy to navigate & the calendar allows you to consider dates before enquiring. The price is very reasonable & includes everything which is great for budgeting.The booking secretary is very helpful & knows all about the local attractions & transport options. The actual house & garden are conveniently placed to explore the surrounding area by minibus, or to go for walks. We cannot fault the facilities or building at ACH. It has everything you can possibly need & is modern, clean & warm. We have always had a great time there & will definitely be back in future.

Blackhall Guides

We stayed at ACH for the first time in 2016 and loved it so much we decided straight away to book for 2017! The facilities are great with a good space indoors for activities and the outside space is fantastic for all types of games and sports. Lots of dorms means flexibility for sleeping arrangements for our younger and older girls as well. The setting is superb, being able to get out for local walks as well as easy access for outings to North Berwick or Dunbar.

46th Edinburgh and Lothians Girls Brigade

2nd Belhaven Brownies love going to ACH, it has a lovely homely feel, is just big enough to accommodate all our needs, has a wonderful outdoor space for us to run around safely. Although it is not far from home, the beautiful secluded location could be anywhere and we love visiting.

2nd Belhaven Brownies

Allison Cargill House has everything you need for a pack holiday, well equiped kitchen, plenty of tables and seating and a great garden with outdoor games available. Good location.

1st Dunglass Brownies

Brownie Film Alison Cargill House from Leigh Morris on Vimeo.